Why SaskSchools?

Are you passionate about the world of gambling? After you have made sure that you have the right qualities for this unusual job, you can find out how to become a croupier and work in the leisure and entertainment sector.

Saskatchewan Casino Dealer School opened its first professional training centre in 2020.

Our dealer schools, equipped with English roulette wheels, Black Jack, Stud Poker and Hold’em Poker tables, provide the optimal conditions for quality training.

Thanks to professionals who have outstanding experience as croupiers in various casinos in Canada and abroad and on the Bahamas and cruise ships, you will get knowledge in the gambling industry for further employment.

It should also be mentioned that gaming regulation courses are given by Mr. Jack Nofild, former commander of races and games in Canada.

Saskatchewan Casino Dealer School has a 91% employment rate after an average 10-week training course.

Training types

The establishment offers four types of training. For the “classic”, a ten-week apprenticeship in reconstructed gaming rooms led to the official beginner croupier diploma.

For the “professionals”, the same type of training plus a five-week internship in a casino is offered.

For “future globetrotters”, a variant focused on English language training, takes place over ten to fourteen weeks in Ottawa.

Finally, a specific training course reserved for future employees of Canadian gaming circles lasts five weeks. These are obviously paid periods and even rather expensive. You will have to pay at least C$4000 – and up to C$7750 for the training in Canada – to hope that your application will be accepted.

Our school selects the students properly. In detail, a predisposition for mental arithmetic, good elocution, and a logical mind is particularly appreciated. For the moment, the academy’s selection process remains flexible: around one in three applications is rejected.

Once integrated, the rhythm is the same for all: about 40 hours per week where the “trainees”, gathered in groups of ten, learn the croupier’s job alongside a trainer, called “chief”.

Trainees who find work easily

The figures put forward by the school are noteworthy. At the end of the training, 40% of the trainees have already been hired and 45% are hired within the next three months. For almost half of them, it is a permanent contract.