How to become a croupier?

become cropier

A croupier is a casino (or gambling club) employee, who accepts bets from players, runs the games, checks the regularity of bets, enforces the rules, and pays out winnings.

A professional whose name etymologically means “sedentary”, “who remains seated”, it used to mean someone who rides behind someone (croupier rider on the horse’s rump). In the 17th century, it refers to a person who stands behind another player with whom he is associated in a game.

In the English version, the dealer is called “croupier”.

Nowadays, the dealer works exclusively on table games: English Roulette, Blackjack, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Texas Hold’em Poker, and others. The trainers of our school will teach you these games during the courses.

What is the dealer’s job?

After accepting the customer’s change, he takes care of the game in accordance with the Canadian regulations in force.

Once the famous “nothing goes” is announced, he must check that the stakes are not touched by the customers until the total payment has been made; the moment announced by the equally famous “make your bets”.

The relationship with the customer is one of the fundamental aspects of the dealer’s job: he must be a qualified animator, respectful towards the player, and above all always smiling! The main task of the entire table games team is to make the customer have a good time, whether he wins or loses.

How to become a dealer?

This is a question that customers often ask us. To become a croupier, there are specific schools all over the world, where courses are organised on all the table games found in casinos.

The trainers at our school offer relatively short and extremely complete courses based on a very high percentage of practice, to enable future croupiers to immediately join the team of a casino.

Is it possible to find a job as a dealer?

This is a frequently asked question. Well, yes! There are indeed many job opportunities. Canada has a great amount of casinos and it is a job that also allows you to travel.

With a high turnover, casinos are constantly on the lookout for new employees to renew their teams.

Don’t forget: students who follow the training in our school can work in casinos in Canada, abroad, and on cruise ships!

Is the job of a croupier difficult?

Like any job, it has to be learned. And like any job, it has its diļ¬ƒculties. Being a mainly night-time activity, the difficulty is to have a staggered rhythm while keeping a sufficient concentration.

IMPORTANT: to become a good croupier, you must have good mental calculation skills.