Lower the risk of heart disease

Lower the risk of heart disease

Lower the risk of heart disease

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The cause of heart disease mostly occurs when the arteries thickens. Some causes for heart disease are not preventable such as family, sex or age while there are some things you can do to prevent heart disease. Living healthy today will help to avoid heart disease in future. Take it upon yourself to do something to prevent heart disease other than accepting the myth that heart disease cannot be prevented. Thanks to Toronto Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Martin Jugenburg we are happy to share the following ways to prevent heart disease:

  1. Avoid smoking


If you have not started smoking, please don’t start and if you are at it please stop. This is because smoking causes narrowing of your arteries. The smoke in the cigarettes contains carbon monoxide which has affinity than oxygen. It replaces oxygen in your blood and this will increase the blood pressure as the heart to supply insufficient oxygen to your body. The more you smoke the higher the higher the chances you have to contact heart disease. Avoid staying close to people who smoke as you will experience what is known as passive smoking. The moment you quit smoking you reduce the risk of getting cardiovascular disease.

  1. Put exercise in your daily to-do list


Every day we have a routine that we follow. For healthy living we should set aside 30 minutes for exercising. You don’t have to exercise for long so as to get results. It is better to consult your doctor and know which type of exercise will work for you. There are simple exercises that will keep you fit such as walking up the stairs, walking, doing household chores. To prevent heart diseasesconsider exercising for at least 30 minutes every day.



  1. Check your diet


The type of food you take also affects the risk of getting heart disease. Consider eating a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables and fibers. Fish and other sources of protein that is low on fat such as beans can reduce the risk. Eat food that is low in fat and cholesterol and you will reduce the risk of getting heart disease.


  1. Take charge of your weight


In order to lower the chances of high blood pressure it is recommended to lose your weight. Obese people are at the risk of getting heart disease. That is why you should consider taking measures that will reduce your weight. In women abdominal obesity increases the chances of getting cardiovascular disease. Ask your doctor what you are supposed to do in order to lose weight. Losing weight is not a process that takes a day but with dedication you can succeed. If you were looking for plastic surgeons that have actual reviews, there are plenty online, and a fast and fashionable way of losing weight is through plastic surgery.


  1. Find ways of managing your anger and stress


This life is full of up and downs and there times that we will get angry. You can be stressed out by different issues, which is normal. This does not mean that you should stay stressed and angry for long. This life is short and being stressed will only make it shorter. Don’t waste your time comparing costs of breast augmentation, instead find ways on how you are going to manage your stress. Research shows that when you are stressed you increase the chances of getting hypertension, ulcers and asthma. Avoid being stressed for long and reduce the chances of getting heart disease.

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